Vacuum pipe lifter SC170N

New generation - Most safe and efficient vacuum pipe lifter at the moment!

Safety comes first! For the SC170 Vlentec has designed a unique load sensor to avoid unwanted release of the vacuum.

The function of the system is simple. When the load is suspended, the "vacuum" controls are automatically disabled. From that moment it is not possible to release the vacuum. As soon as the load is safe on the ground, the orange light warns the operator that the controls are enabled. From that moment the operator can release the vacuum safely.

With the SC170 the tare weight to lifting capacity ratio has been improved. Lifting up to 17 tonne with a lifter that only weighs 725Kg. This makes it possible to lift heavier pipes with a small carrier.

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Load sensor

The load sensor detects when a load is being lifted and disables the vacuum release controls. This way it is not possible to drop a pipe.


AD-RP17 rotator - heavy duty

The large AD-RP-17 rotator is integrated in the lifting beam, which reduces the height of the vacuum pipe lifter. It has an effective swing stabilizing system integrated on the rotator. This rotator has a heavy-duty radial piston motor for superior manoeuvrability and brake force. The maximum dynamic lifting load is 17 tonne.


AD-RV8 rotator - light duty

The lightweight AD-RV8 rotator (rotary vane type) bolts on the beam and gives a lot of stability in combination with the lightweight adapter. The maximum dynamic lifting load is 7,5 tonne.

Safety light signals

Red: Low vacuum level;
The vacuum is below the required operation level.

Green: Required vacuum level;
The vacuum level is sufficient for safe use.

Orange: Vacuum controls enabled;
The load is on the ground, vacuum can be released.

Lifting lugs

The vacuum pipe lifter is equipped with two integrated lifting lugs for crane use.


Direct acting vacuum valve

A large direct acting vacuum valve is especially designed for this purpose.
Its straightforward design allows quick suction-on and-off. In the contrary to the usual servo type valves, this valve operates independent of the vacuum level. It can also switch if there is no vacuum at all. It switches on an electrical pulse. It does not require continuous electrical power, which makes it very safe.

Specially designed vacuum pump combination

Containing an oil circulated rotary vane pump for the most efficient performance and no corrosion problems. It is highly recommended to use an oil circulated vacuum pump. Most important advantages are the high efficiency and superior performance in the higher vacuum levels. Our vacuum pump is custom made to fit the diesel engine perfectly, resulting in a very efficient long living combination.

Handset for remote control

The handset from the radio remote system complies with all safety standards. It has one button for suction on and two buttons which have to be pressed simultaneously for suction off. It is powered by two standard AAA batteries. The system has a proven track record in the crane industry.

Wireless warning system

The low vacuum warning system can be placed in the cabin of the crane or excavator. When the vacuum is below the required operation level, the vacuum pipe lifter will give a wireless signal to activate the audio and visual cabin alarm.

Spring loaded guide wheels

The guide wheels protect the rubber seal in the suction pad. Its main purpose is to position the suction pad correctly on the load.

Suction pad shock absorbers

All suction pads are equipped with rubber shock absorbers to protect the lifting beam from sideway forces. All suction pads are interchangeable with all vacuum pipe lifters manufactured by Vlentec.

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