Vacuum pipe lifter SC125N-D

One unit for all pipe materials and lengths - Versatility to the MAX!

The most versatile vacuum pipe lifter ever is the SC125N-D. Able to handle short and long pipe including double joints of any pipe material. This unit can be attached to practically any lifting device such as excavators, cranes, forklifts, side boom etc.

One machine that can take on any project is a key advantage of the SC125N-D vacuum lifter. The lifting beam can be fitted with many types of attachments such as:
Lifting attachments:

  • Light duty rotator - This cost efficient and light weight rotator connects the vacuum lifting beam to any excavator. It's light duty capacity limits the beams lifting capacity to 7.500kg.
  • Heavy duty rotator - The heavy-duty rotator in combination with the lifting beam can handle loads up to 12.500kg. The rotators high torque maintains full control over long and heavy pipes.
  • Crane lifting lugs - Two crane lifting lugs that are bolted to the ends of the lifting beam ensure stable handling of pipes up to 12.500kg with a crane.
  • Single crane lug - Mainly used on side booms or other lifting devices with limited lifting height, the single lug in combination with the lifting beam can handle pipes up to 12.500kg.

Load attachments:

  • Single suction pad lugs - Supplied with all units are the lugs for single pads, these pads are designed for rigid pipes and can handle single and double joint pipes.
  • Anti-Drop suction pad lugs - As the above single suction pads lugs but fitted with a sensor to detect if the pipe is in mid-air or on the ground. Only when the pipe is on the ground, can it be released. Preventing unintentional release of load.
  • Extension beams for flexible pipes - Extension beams are used to spread 2 suction pads apart and safely lift flexible pipes such as HDPE and PVC. The technically advanced connection between the extension beams and extension beam suction pads ensures the pads work with the pipe while flexing and for it to withstand extreme shaking.
  • Attachments for plates/slabs - Vlentec offers many standard and customs made attachments to handle slabs and plates.
  • Hydraulic pipe joiner - The pipe joiner can pull one pipe to the string of pipes and press it in the pipes bell mouth without damaging the pipe.

The SC125N has 2 large sleeves through the beam to fit large forklifts. If the vacuum pipe lifter is to be used on lighter forklifts an attachment can be supplied.

Reliability and easy maintenance
All Vlentec’ s vacuum pipe lifters are designed to last in harsh conditions and in areas far from civilisation. Reliability is a must and all maintenance should be strait forward. Therefore, every part is specifically designed to withstand any condition. For instance, the valve to lift and release is maintenance free and always remains in its last position. All wires have an extra conduit protection going from the component to the electrical junction box. The main vacuum filter that filters the air between the suction pad is washable and never needs replacing. The oil specs are printed on the electrical junction box together with other important maintenance information and all filter (maintenance) information is printed on the filter housings.

The vacuum pipe lifter is equipped with many safety features to ensure safe and correct lifting of the load. Visual high output LED flashers indicate safe (constant green) or unsafe (flashing red) vacuum pressure and is backed up by an audio alarm. The alarms are switched by a digital pressure sensor for quick, reliable and exact alarm switching. The remote control is also equipped with a visual and audio alarm to warn the operator. In the case of a fuel shortage, engine failure or power failure, the load remains safe for days if not weeks (when well maintained). The vacuum system is a leak free system and the pump is fitted with a check valve to ensure zero leakage.

Pump and engine
The vacuum pipe lifter is powered by its own electric start diesel engine, that is specially designed to drive the vacuum pump. This allows the diesel engine to run on its optimal RPM's without the use of a gearbox or belt. The diesel engine drives the oil cooled 72m3/h vacuum pump that can reach vacuum pressures of 99%. The complete engine and pump unit is designed to be easy to maintain, efficient and extremely reliable. Oil change is done quickly and clean with oil drain plug and hose, no tools required.

Remote control with integrated alarm and pressure indicator
The vacuum pipe lifter is controlled by a wireless remote control to lift or release the load. Every remote control is supplied with a cabin holder and 2 chargers (110-240VAC, 12-24VDC). To release the load the operator must press 2 buttons simultaneously, minimalizing the chance of operator’s error. The remote control is fitted with a screen that indicates the vacuum pressure level in the suction pad, if the level is to be too low, alarms on the vacuum lifter as well as on the remote control will sound. The remote controls screen will also message the operator not to lift if the pressure is too low.


Remote control with built in alarm and vacuum pressure reading on screen

The remote control continuously indicates the vacuum pressure on the screen. If the pressure would drop below the safe lifting pressure an audio and visual alarm will sound on the remote control.
The remote control is supplied with an excavator mount and chargers for use on 12-24Vdc cigarette lighter pugs as well as 110-240Vac power sockets.


Integrated forklift sleeves in lifting beam

The light weight AD-RV8 rotator (rotary vane type) bolts in the beam and gives a lot of stability in combination with the light weight adapter. The maximum dynamic lifting load is 7,5 tonne.


Heavy duty duel colour flashers

Two multi-colour flashers are fitted to each end of the vacuum lifting beam and indicate the current safety status of the vacuum lifter. The high-powered LEDs either indicate a constant green signal or a flashing red signal. An alarm which is mounted within the vacuum lifter, also warns with audio signals for low vacuum.
The operator also receives the current vacuum status on the remote controls screen which also outputs audio and visual signals.


Attachments to handle ever type of load

The vacuum lifter can be fitted with attachments to handle any load safely. Such as extensions for flexible pipe, pipe joiners, slab and plate suction pads and many more.
Furthermore, it can be fitted with many lifting attachments such as crane lugs (double or single), rotators for excavators (light or heavy duty) and attachments to fit to other equipment such as reach stacker and more.


Rotatable storage legs

All vacuum lifters are supplied with legs to park the vacuum lifter on. When the vacuum lifter is in use, the legs can be rotated 90° ensuring other pipes are not hit and leg always remain with the unit.
The legs protect the seals from damaging and the pad from dust.
Two legs are fitted with wheels for easy rolling in and out of a sea container or tight storage areas.

High efficiency diesel engine and pump combination

The purpose designed diesel engine runs at optimal rpm’s while not requiring a transmission, belts and pullies or other power consuming transmission.
The diesel engine is directly connected to the, also purpose made, vacuum pump. The vacuum pump is a high efficiency 72m3/h oil cooled pump that can create 99% vacuum.
This optimal combination of pump and engine is key to our highly reliable vacuum pipe lifter which requires low maintenance.

Direct acting vacuum valve

A large direct acting vacuum valve is specially designed for this purpose.
Its straightforward design allows quick suction on and off. In contrary to the usual servo type valves, this valve operates independent of the vacuum level. It can also switch if there is no vacuum at all. It switches on an electrical pulse. The valve does not require continuous electrical power, which makes it extremely safe and easy to understand.
This valve is maintenance free.

Electronics kept simple and wiring is double protected

The vacuum lifters electronics are kept simple. Each component has an induvial connection to the electric junction box and connects straight to the main circuit board.
All cables are double insulated and protected against oils, water and dust.


Internal equipment protected by the frame that is also a vacuum tank

The frame that protects the internal components of the vacuum lifter from dust water and intrusion of foreign objects also acts as a large tank. The large vacuum tank of 372 litres not only acts as a safety measure but also allows the operator to lift a pipe within 1-2 seconds, after applying pressure.


Exact pressure and alarm readings through a digital pressure sensor

A small digital pressure sensor switches the alarms precisely on and off. Offering the highest safety level.
The sensor also sends a signal to the remote control so the operator can see the vacuum pressure on the screen fitted to the remote control. As a backup, a total of 2 mechanical vacuum gauges on each side of the vacuum lifter indicate the beam and pads vacuum pressure.


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