Vacuum pipe lifter ED125N

Efficiency and reliability with the electric powered vacuum pipe lifter

The ED125N is the latest development in vacuum pipe lifting. Powered by the excavator’s battery and alternator, the vacuum lifter minimalizes maintenance, noise, emissions and equipment wear and tear. It can be fitted to any excavator within minutes, without needing to customize the excavator.

The ED125N is just as versatile as the SC125N as they both can be fitted with the below load attachments:

  • Single suction pad lugs - Supplied with all units are the lugs for single pads, these pads are designed for rigid pipes and can handle single and double joint pipes.
  • Anti-Drop suction pad lugs - As the above single suction pads lugs but fitted with a sensor to detect if the pipe is in mid-air or on the ground. Only when the pipe is on the ground can it be released. Preventing unintentional release of load.
  • Extension beams for flexible pipes - Extension beams are used to spread 2 suction pads apart and safely lift flexible pipes such as HDPE and PVC. The technically advanced connection between the extension beams and extension beam suction pads ensures the pads work with the pipe while flexing and can withstand any shaking.
  • Attachments for plates/slabs - Vlentec offers many standard and customs made attachments to handle slabs and plates.
  • Hydraulic pipe joiner - The pipe joiner can pull one pipe to the string of pipes and press it in the pipe in the bell mouth without damaging the pipe.

Furthermore, the ED125N can be fitted with the following lifting attachments:

  • Light duty rotator - This cost efficient and light weight rotator connects the vacuum lifting beam to any excavator. It's light duty capacity limits the beams lifting capacity to 7.500kg.
  • Heavy duty rotator - The heavy-duty rotator in combination with the lifting beam can handle loads up to 12.500kg. The rotators high torque maintains full control over long and heavy pipes.
  • Crane lifting lugs - Two crane lifting lugs that are bolted to the ends of the lifting beam ensure stable handling of pipes up to 12.500kg with a crane.
  • Single crane lug - Mainly used on side booms or other lifting devices with limited lifting height, the single lug in combination with the lifting beam can handle pipes up to 12.500kg.

The ED125N can be equipped with a battery pack if the vacuum lifter would be used on a carrier that does not have a 24VDC power supply (such as a mobile crane or side boom).

The low noise and zero exhaust emissions make the vacuum pipe lifter idea for work in confined spaces or in urban areas. Communication amongst construction staff is not limit anymore.
The vacuum pipe lifter is fitted with many safety measures to ensure a safe work site and protect against operator’s error. The lifting beam of the vacuum lifter not only protects the internal components but it also serves as a reserve vacuum tank. Fitted to the lifting beam and vacuum tank are sensors and warning alarms including 2 red and green flashers and an audio alarm. The alarms are always powered by a back-up battery fitted to the vacuum lifters beam.
The vacuum lifter can still be rotated in both direction unlimitedly due to the use of a heavy-duty power slip ring in the hydraulic rotator. Thus, no chance of tangled or hooked wires.

A compact 1kW 24VDC motor directly drives a the 40m3/h high performance oil bathed vacuum pump. No gears, belts or couplings are used between the pump and motor for maximum efficiency.
The motor-pump combination starts and stops automatically depending on the vacuum pressure in the vacuum tank. Therefore, drastically cutting the pumps running hours and minimalizing maintenance. The electric motor is fitted with a soft starter minimalizing wear and tear to all moving components.

Low maintenance
By eliminating the diesel engine, maintenance is minimalized as there is no fuel filtering required, there is no engine air intake filter, there is no oil replacement for the diesel engine. Besides that, the vacuum pump only runs a fraction of the time thus also requires far less maintenance.
Maintenance costs to the vacuum air filtration between the load – vacuum tank – vacuum pump has been minimalizing as the main filter is a washable stainless-steel filter and never needs replacing. A secondary paper filter that stops the smallest dust particles only needs replacing every half a year.

The vacuum lifter is designed to be extremely easy to understand. All filters are fitted with stickers to indicate when and how they must be cleaned/replaced. The main electrical box has a daily inspection list printed on it.
Furthermore, the vacuum lifter is not fitted with a wiring loom. Each component has an individual wire protected by conduit that goes directly from the component to a simple circuit board. Making part replacement and troubleshooting easy.

Easy installation
The vacuum lifters are supplied with all components to connect to your handling device. For example, when fitting to an excavator Vlentec supplies a pin, hydraulic hoses valves and cable with the unit, free of charge.
Installing the vacuum lifter to an excavator can be done in a matter of minutes. The unit is pinned to the excavator’s arm by one single pin and locked in plate with a bolt. After the pin is connected the hydraulic lines from the vacuum lifter can be connected to the hydraulic lines from the bucket ram or to an extra hydraulic function. Furthermore, the power supply cable must be fixed to the excavator, alongside the hydraulic lines, to the battery. The cable is supplied with battery connectors and fuses for quick installation.
The electric cable can be disconnected at the vacuum lifter and remain fitted the excavator while it is used with a bucket or other attachments.


Remote control with built in alarm and vacuum pressure reading on screen

The remote control continuously indicates the vacuum pressure on the screen. If the pressure would drop below the safe lifting pressure an audio and visual alarm will sound on the remote control.
The remote control is supplied with an excavator mount and chargers for use on 12-24Vdc cigarette lighter pugs as well as 110-240Vac power sockets.

Integrated forklift sleeves in lifting beam

All vacuum pipe lifters have built-in sleeves for easy attachment to a forklift. When the vacuum lifter is not in use with a forklift, the sleeves are used to fit the stands that are included with the vacuum lifter.

Heavy duty duel colour flashers

Two multi-colour flashers are fitted to each end of the vacuum lifting beam and indicate the current safety status of the vacuum lifter. The high-powered LEDs either indicate a constant green signal or a flashing red signal. An alarm which is mounted within the vacuum lifter, also warns with audio signals for low vacuum.
The operator also receives the current vacuum status on the remote controls screen which also outputs audio and visual signals.

Attachments to handle ever type of load

The vacuum lifter can be fitted with attachments to handle any load safely. Such as extensions for flexible pipe, pipe joiners, slab and plate suction pads and many more.
Furthermore, it can be fitted with many lifting attachments such as crane lugs (double or single), rotators for excavators (light or heavy duty and attachments to fit to other equipment such as reach stacker and more.

Rotatable storage legs

All vacuum lifters are supplied with legs to park the vacuum lifter on. When the vacuum lifter is in use, the legs can be rotated 90° ensuring other pipes are not hit and leg always remain with the unit.
The legs protect the seals from damaging and the pad from dust.
Two legs are fitted with wheels for easy rolling in and out of a sea container or tight storage areas.

Low maintenance electric pump

The use of an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine reduces the vibrations to the pump and therefor reduces wear to bearings and other moving parts. Furthermore, the electric motor only runs when the vacuum pressure is low which reduces the motors running hours and maintenance requirements. A soft starter increases the electric motors reliability.
All of Vlentecs vacuum pipe lifters are equipped with an efficient oil circulated rotary vane vacuum pump that can reach vacuum levels of 0,01 atmospheric bar (99% vacuum). The oil circulation minimalizes heat and wear to the pump as well as ensuring a high vacuum pressure

Direct acting vacuum valve

A large direct acting vacuum valve is specially designed for this purpose.
Its straightforward design allows quick suction on and off. In contrary to the usual servo type valves, this valve operates independent of the vacuum level. It can also switch if there is no vacuum at all. It switches on an electrical pulse. The valve does not require continuous electrical power, which makes it extremely safe and easy to understand.
This valve is maintenance free.

Electronics kept simple and wiring is double protected

The vacuum lifters electronics are kept simple. Each component has an induvial connection to the electric junction box and connects straight to the main circuit board.
All cables are double insulated and protected against oils, water and dust.

Internal equipment protected by the frame that is also a vacuum tank

The frame that protects the internal components of the vacuum lifter from dust water and intrusion of foreign objects also acts as a large tank. The large vacuum tank of 343 litres not only acts as a safety measure but also allows the operator to lift a pipe within 1-2 seconds, after applying pressure.

Exact pressure and alarm readings through a digital pressure sensor

A small digital pressure sensor switches the alarms precisely on and off. Offering the highest safety level.
The sensor also sends a signal to the remote control so the operator can see the vacuum pressure on the screen fitted to the remote control. Furthermore, the sensor switches the vacuum pump on and off depending on the vacuum tanks pressure. This minimalizes the vacuum pumps running time and thus maintenance.

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