Suction pads for single and double joint (up to 25m lengths) to fit vacuum pipe lifters

Designed to lift multiple diameters. Interchangeable between all Vlentec vacuum pipe lifters

Vlentec always has a suction pad in stock that can handle your pipe. With local inventory of pads and lifters in Europe, Australia and the Americas you can start handling pipes today.

Vlentec always has a suction pad in stock that can handle your pipe. With local inventory of pads and lifters in Europe, Australia and the Americas you can start handling pipes today.
A simple part such as a suction pad still requires a lot of engineering and experience to make it perfect. Vlentec’s experience and high tech designing and manufacturing has led to the following advantages:

  • Single suction pads can handle short pipes as well as double jointed pipes.
  • One suction pad can handle multiple diameters. *standard stock pads are designed to handle pipes with a difference in diameter of 4-inch (e.g. 20-inch (508mm) to 24-inch (610mm) diameter.
  • Minimal drop in vacuum pressure from the vacuum tank due to our ‘high efficiency’ pads that are pressed to size by CNC controlled metal press during manufacturing.
  • Rubber seal does not get damaged by the profile and can be used twice by turning the seal around in the profile.
  • Quick fitting to easily interchange suction pads from the lifting beam.
  • Multiple hoisting points on the suction pads to lift other objects without having to remove the machine.
  • No damage to pipe due to the use of high durable rubber seal and polyurethane wheels to align the unit with the pipe.
  • Standard suction pads fit nicely in a 20ft sea container.

We offer multiple ranges of suction pads for pipes as well as custom made suction pads for specific pipes, specific ranges of pipes and suction pads to handle other object that pipes.
Short pads for short pipes can be manufactured on request.
Our standard range of suction pad are: (always in stock in large quantities)


Other ranges of semi standard suction pads: (some in stock)






To fit our vacuum pipe lifter with extension beam, to handle flexible pipes, we can offer suction pads from the EB-series (always in stock) or custom made suction pads. EBPad’s are always sold as a set.



Designed to lift a range of diameters

Our standard range of pads can handle multiple pipe sizes. This saves a lot of time when handling different sizes pipes on one project and saves in investment as less equipment is required.

Suction pads van handle single as well as double jointed pipes

Thanks to the design of the suction pad and the flexibility of the rubber seal the same suction pad can lift single pipes as well as double jointed pipes. The seal has no problems to seal off over the joint (weld) even if there is no coating over the weld.

Rubber seal

Vlentec has worked with a team of rubber product specialists to manufacture the most durable and flexible rubber suction pad seal for this specific purpose. Our seals can even last over ten thousand lifts. When damaged or worn the seal can be turned around to reuse which is unique in vacuum pipe lift.

Guide wheels

Fitted to the ends of the suction pad are a set of spring loaded guide wheels. The soft polyurethane wheels are the first part of the vacuum lifter to come in to contact with the pipe. The purpose of the wheels is to ensure the pipe and rubber seal dose not damage and align the suction pad with the pipe for perfect sealing.

Quick fitting

The suction pads can be interchanged from the lifting beam within minutes to fit other size suction pads to the main vacuum lifters lifting beam. The vacuum hose is fitted with a lockable quick fitting that can be undone in seconds. Furthermore, the pads are fitted to the beam with 2 pins. After removing the pin fixings, the pad can be detached from the lifting beam and this can be repeated in reverse order to fit a different size pad.

Vacuum gauges

Heavy duty industrial vacuum gauges with coloured background indicate the vacuum pressure in the suction pad. The gauges are liquid filled to damp vibrations and fast movements when pressurising en depressurising the suction pads ensuring a long and reliable product life. The gauges are strategically positioned to be easy to view from the operator’s cabin.

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