Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

As a company focused on the future, Vlentec takes corporate social responsibility with very high importance. To ensure the next generation can live in a clean and safe world, we take full responsibility for our impact on society.


To reduce Ventec’s impact on the environment, over the years many procedures have been put into place. Some of the measures we have taken are:
- Solar panels to generate more power than we annually consume.
- All equipment (e.g. forklifts) within the factory are electric powered and therefore do not emit gasses in the environment and staff’s work area
- All company cars are fully electric or semi electric plug-in hybrid cars. With free charging facilities at our factories/offices.
- Factories are built with some of the highest isolation materials to minimalize heating in the winter.
- All office and factory lighting is LED to reduce power usage.
- Waste is sorted in our factory to be recycled.
- All air travel is CO2 compensated.


Both within our company as well as outside we help the next generation. Some of the measures we have taken are:
- Large schooling budget for all employees to improve and widen their knowledge.
- Safe and healthy working environment by investing in specialized equipment and working areas.
- Annual budget to support local associations bring all ages of people together and keep them active.
- Vlentec is a sponsor of the Dutch Cancer Society to fund scientific research in the hope to stop cancer.


By minimalizing management levels within our company, improvements can be applied fast, also improving our company’s economics. Minimal management levels also results in product improvements as well as corporate social responsibility improvements with our suppliers and sub-contractors.
Ventec’s reasonability’s are passed on to our clients as well, therefore our latest range of vacuum pipe lifters improves our client’s corporate social responsibility. The electric vacuum pipe lifters are powered by the excavator’s electrics thus minimalizing exhaust emissions. Furthermore, the machine emits practically no noise thus improves the working environment and safety. The latest units also reduce maintenance and waste.