Latest updates to Vlentec's vacuum pipe lifters

In keeping with our policy of improving products. New features and improvements may be added at any time. Below are the latest updates all our current standard lifting beams are fitted with.


Integrated forklift sleeves in lifting beam

All vacuum pipe lifters have built-in sleeves for easy attachment to a forklift. When the vacuum lifter is not in use with a forklift, the sleeves are used to fit the stands that are included with the vacuum lifter.

Simplified and double insulated wiring

The vacuum lifters electronics are kept simple. Each component has an induvial connection to the electric junction box and connects straight to the main circuit board.
All cables are double insulated and protected against oils, water and dust. For maximum reliability and easy parts replacement.

Improved engine-pump rubber coupling

The nylon coupling connecting the engine shaft to the pump shaft has been replaced with durable rubber coupling. The rubber coupling can withstand a higher range of temperatures and a larger shaft unalignment. Furthermore, the rubber shaft does not rattle, thus does not create noise. The rubber coupling is maintenance free.
None of Ventec’s vacuum pumps and engines uses gearboxes, belts and pullies or other transmissions that are power consuming and require maintenance.

Improved air filtration – less maintenance -

The main is a larger stainless-steel filter that is washable and never needs replacing. A secondary paper filter has been added to filter out the smallest particles. This filter only needs replacing every half a year. This improvement reduces maintenance costs and increases reliability.
All filter housings have stickers fitted to the lids describing how and when maintenance should be done.

Exact pressure and alarm readings through a digital pressure sensor

A small digital pressure sensor switches the alarms precisely on and off. Offering the highest safety level. This sensor replaces the previous mechanical sensor that was less precise.
The sensor also sends a signal to the remote control so the operator can see the vacuum pressure on the screen fitted to the remote control. As a backup, a total of 2 mechanical vacuum gauges on each side of the vacuum lifter indicate the beam and pads vacuum pressure.

4 mono colour flashers replaced with 2 dual colour high output LED flashers

Increased light output and visibility with the 2-dual colour LED warning lights on each side of the unit. The light units show a constant green signal when vacuum pressure is safe and a flashing red signal when the vacuum pressure is low. Even if you are colour blind, the signal is clear.

Remote control with built in alarm and vacuum pressure reading on screen

The remote control continuously indicates the vacuum pressure on the screen. If the pressure would drop below the safe lifting pressure an audio and visual alarm will sound on the remote control.
The remote control is supplied with an excavator mount and chargers for use on 12-24Vdc cigarette lighter pugs as well as 110-240Vac power sockets.

Vacuum lifter legs fitted with wheels

Two of the vacuum pipe lifters legs are fitted with heavy duty wheel to role the vacuum pipe lifter in and out of a sea container or confined storage with ease.


No spill oil replacement

The vacuum pipe lifters are now fitted with an oil drain hose to leak out old oil without mess or tools. When the drain hose is screwed to the plug on the pump or motor, oil will start to flow. As soon as the hose is removed, oil stops flowing immediately. The drain hose is fixed to the lifting beam therefore always at hand.