Saudi Aramco certified vacuum pipe lifters

Vlentec vacuum pipe lifters are Saudi Aramco certified and are used on multiple Aramco projects

23.000kg double joint 56inch pipes for Aramco's the Master Gas Pipeline are being handled with Vlentec vacuum pipe lifters

One of Vlentec prestige projects is the handling of 48inch and 56inch pipes with length of over 24m and a wall thickness up to 1inch. The highest pipe weights handled with the vacuum lifter was 23.000kg. The Master Gas pipeline has over 1200km of pipe to be handled. A number of vacuum pipe lifters set up on mobile cranes and loaders a have been supplied to make work easy.
Ventec’s SC250N lifting beam is used in combination with a heavy-duty suction pad to quickly handle the pipes in the stock piles and coating yards. The SC250N lifting beam can be fitted to a crane from its two integrated lifting lugs. These lifting lugs are 2,4m apart and connect with slings to the cranes hooks. By having two lugs, the operator can handle the pipe quickly and stable.
Some of the SC250N lifting beams have also been used on Cat 988 wheel-loaders. These vacuum lifters are fitted with an additional attachment between the listing beam and suction pad. When using the vacuum lifter on a loader, it is harder to fully align the unit above the pipe. By fitting vertical and diagonal chains to the suction pad, the pad can align itself on the pipe while the loader is not fully aligned with the pipe. The diagonal chains keep the load stable when lifting.
A second Saudi Aramco project the vacuum lifters are used on, is for the replacement of Three Northern Area Pipelines nearby Jubail. On this project, the SC250N vacuum lifters are used with an excavator to string 16”, 30” and 36” double joint pipes up to 13.500kg. The vacuum lifter was used along the right of way and drastically saved pipe handling time.
For these projects Vlentec has received full Aramco certification and therefore our equipment does not need any additional testing or approval by Aramco to be used on other projects.

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