Our factories

Vlentec equipment are fully made in the Netherlands with the use of the latest technology.

Spread over 3 facilities in and near Emmen, the Netherlands, Vlentec fully manufactures it’s vacuum lifting equipment in house. To share knowledge within our team, all office workplaces are built inside the manufacturing and assembly workshops.

The R&D team uses the latest 3D modelling and stress simulation programs to fully design standard and custom-made vacuum pipe lifters before fabrication. The designing phase is the most time consuming. Only when this is done correctly and detailed, the following phases are made easy. After the equipment is fully designed, we run it through stress simulations both in house and by a third party.
Steel work is cut by CNC controlled laser cutting equipment and machined on CNC controlled mills and lathes. CNC controlled equipment allows us to manufacture the vacuum pipe lifters with high precision and at a high-quality level. All load baring steel is stamped with a 3.1B or 3.1C certificate (according to EN 10204.1991) to ensure only high-quality steel is used. These stamp codes are registered for every product, with your vacuum lifter serial number we can look up the origin of each piece of steel used. Ventec’s fully certified welders assemble the steel work to a final bare product. Before coating the bare steel, all work goes through multiple tests including stress, leak and pressure testing.
Pre-assembled parts are combined to complete the final assembly. All parts are widely in stock in our factory for fast assembly or shipping. After the vacuum lifters are fully assembled they go through another round of testing as a final product before receiving full (country specific) certification and packaging. Manufactured equipment made for our stock are then moved to Ventec’s storage facility. Ready for immediate shipping when you require it.