Forklift plate lifters

Standard units to lift plates up to 14 tonne

The most well-known carrier is the forklift, though this type of carrier had never before been used with a heavy duty vacuum lifter. Our team of engineers received the request to move steel plates weighing up to 14.000kg, at low cost and by using equipment that the client already had. This lead to the design and existence of the Forklift Plate Lifter.

A single row of pads that keep the load weight and lifter close to the forklift assures that the operator is under full control at all times. The Forklift Plate Lifter is equipped with an integrated silent diesel engine and sleek beam which also serves as a large vacuum tank.

If your company sees possibilities in using a Forklift Plate Lifter, do not hesitate to contact Vlentec for professional advice and a sharp quotation.