Vacuum pipe lifter

For handling pipes up to 25 tonne

Vlentec has a strong Research and Development department which is capable of translating your needs into an effective and safe vacuum lifter. Vlentec distinguishes its products into three categories; Standard vacuum pipe lifters, standard plate lifters and custom made vacuum lifters.

The application of the vacuum pipe lifter

By using a vacuum pipe lifter, attributes such as hooks, magnets, chains and slings are replaced by one or more suction pads. The suction pads are available for all pipe dimensions. The pads are designed to suit all kinds of shapes such as pipes, tubes, slabs and plates. The only condition is to have a reasonably smooth and solid surface of the material. Our vacuum lifters are outstanding for lifting steel, composite, concrete and coated pipes. You will find our products in pipeline constructions, pipe factories, stockpiles and harbors all over the world.

How a vacuum lifter works

All vacuum pipe lifters are equipped with a vacuum tank. By opening a valve, vacuum arises between the suction pad and the pipe. Because of the pressure difference between the inside and outside, the suction pad will 'suck' itself against the load. The lifting capacity is determined by the model lifting beam and the size of the suction pad.

Quick delivery

Vlentec offers a wide range of vacuum lifts to fit the most common dimensions of pipes. Vlentec always has a range of pre-fabricated heavy duty vacuum lifters on stock in multiple locations over the world to ensure short lead times. The pre-fabricated lifters will be configured to your needs by adapting several options and features. You can choose between different attachments for any kind of carrier and a wide range of standard suction pads. The final product will be a vacuum pipe lifter with a maximum lifting capacity of 25 tonne. The most common vacuum pipe lifters can be ready for shipment within 1-2 days.

Some standard features of Vlentec's pipe lifters are

• The lifter has an aesthetic designed one-unit-beam, which includes a vacuum tank and fuel tank while giving optimum protection to the engine, pump and switchgear.
• The beam is compact and has low weight.
• No external wiring or piping except for the 2 hydraulic rotator hoses. With the electric powered unit al heavy duty cable runs over the excavators arm.
• The diesel motor has a capacity of only 3,1 KW with the resulting low fuel use. The specially designed vacuum pump is coupled directly to the motor and because it’s well matched it can pump an amazing 73 M3/H with a high end vacuum of approx. 1mbar (99% vacuum).
• You are enjoying the results of 35 years of hands on experience.

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