Vacuum plate lifters

For lifting plates of 25 tonne and more

One of Vlentec´s largest custom made projects was designing, manufacturing and the installation of thirteen heavy duty lifters. Almost all of these plate lifter were unique, as one may be used on a single hook whereas the over on 2 hooks or one is power by the power supply from the overhead crane while the other is self-contained and diesel driven. The units also differed in lifting capacity, such as 15.000kg and 25.000kg.

Vlentec is currently designing a larger model to lift plates of 45.000kg.

The client of this project is a large pipe factory where the plates are fed into the machines with Vlentec’s heavy duty plate lifters. The vacuum plate lifters are also used to lift plates in and out of ships on large harbour cranes.

Vlentec covers the entire project for you and provides all lifting needs, such as supply of a safety camera system, attachments and other necessities for your use.