Vlentec International

Leading the way in vacuum lifting equipment

The foundation

Vlentec was established in the Netherlands in 2001. However, our passion for vacuum lifting equipment started with the invention of the self-contained pipe lifters in the early eighties. Throughout the years the company has distinguished itself in Custom Made vacuum lifters, though the standard pipe lifters and plate lifters have been a solid base of our company’s existence.


Vlentec focuses more on methods than on results. Results come as a consequence of doing the right things right. In order to be successful it is essential to continuously work on improvement and innovation.

Core Values

The company’s core values are safety, responsibility, service and quality. With a strong passion for innovation, Vlentec has continued to improve its vacuum lifters by hunting for new techniques and applications. With an active presence in pipeline organisations such as the IPLOCA (International Pipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association) we are sharing our knowledge to improve the industry.


Vlentec’s objective is to deliver optimized heavy duty vacuum lifters and to provide excellent service. Clients can expect rapid and dependable advise from the team of Vlentec and global partners. The team of Vlentec is constantly striving ahead to maintain its position as the leading company, from a technical and service point of view, in heavy duty vacuum lifting equipment.

Future perspective

Vlentec’s success is based on the ability to make use of the knowledge and experience gained through consistent improvement activities for many years. Investment in Research and Development gives even greater importance to our ambition: “Leading the way in vacuum lifting equipment”.

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